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How to Hang Large Outdoor Christmas Lights


C7 & C9 Light Information

Low Energy C7 and C9 Lamp Information

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Calculating Maximum Runs and Wattage

C7 and C9 Picture Gallery

Step by Step Instructions
How to Hang Large Outdoor Christmas Lights:
C7 and C9 Light Line

When hanging outdoor Christmas lights, it is helpful to know which supplies you will need and the method you should use to hang outdoor Christmas lights before you begin.  The supplies and methods differ based on the roof type. If you plan to hang Christmas lights on flat roofs or commercial buildings, see "Hanging Christmas Lights on Commercial Buildings" below.  If you plan to hang outdoor Christmas lights on gutters, under shingles, or under tiles, see "Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights on Houses" below.  Information and pictures detailing how to hang Christmas lights are provided by The Christmas Light Decorators. The Christmas Light Decorators are located in Mesa, Arizona and have been hanging professional Christmas light displays since 1989.

Before Hanging Christmas Lights

Whether you are hanging Christmas lights on commercial buildings or on homes, you first should determine how many lights you will need, identify the power sources required for the Christmas light line, calculate how many watts can be run on each circuit, and test your Christmas Light Line prior to hanging.

Determine how many Christmas lights you will need: Using a long measuring tape (ideally 30-feet or longer), measure the perimeter of your house or building along the ground. Also measure its height and the perimeter of any windows you intend to light. C7 and C9 Light Strings are available in 25, 50, and 100 foot light strings, as well as 1000 foot reels that can be cut to specific lengths.  Determine your total light needs and assess which length or lengths would work best for you.

Locate electrical outlets for the Christmas lights and determine how many lights can be run on a single circuit:  To determine how many lights you can run on each circuit, click here. Use outdoor rated extension cords and make sure you are not overloading your circuits/outlets.

Test your Christmas lights before hanging: You do not  want to get your lights all hung to then find out they do not work.  Check for broken or burned out bulbs, brittle or damaged wiring and corrosion on your strand.  Replace any faulty strands or bulbs.  Remember to unplug strands before replacing bulbs to be on the safe side.


Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights on Commercial Buildings


Hanging outdoor Christmas light line on a flat building or roof requires the following supplies:  Heavy duty construction adhesive, caulk gun. stiff bristled brush, C-Clips, and

measuring stick.

Outdoor Christmas Hanging Light Supplies

Clean the Surface

Prior to attaching Christmas C-Clips to the roof, it is necessary to use a stiff bristled brush and clean the surface.

Christmas Hang Light Outdoor Brush

Measuring Stick and Caulk

Outdoor Christmas light bulb sockets are spaced 12, 15 or 18 inches apart. For information on spacing, click here. After you decide which Christmas light string spacing you are going to use, create a measuring stick. Mark the stick in increments 1 1/2 inches shorter than the light line spacing.  For example, if you are hanging 18 inch spaced Christmas light line, mark the stick in 16 1/2 inch increments.   If you mark your stick at exactly 18 inches, you  may be "off" by a fraction when you

glue the C-Clip in place and the Christmas light line will not fit. The 1 1/2 inch difference is important because once you have glued your clips in place you do not want to have to redo them.


Place the measuring stick on the roof. At each mark, place a quarter-size dab of heavy duty construction adhesive (caulk) on the edge of the roof.

Attaching Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Line C-Clips

Place the C-Clips on the caulk and press down until the

caulk goes through the holes in the C-Clip. Note that using

caulk and C-Clips is relatively permanent. C-Clips are left in place year after year.  If you are decorating for Christmas, C7

or C9 Light Line is usually removed each year while the C-Clips remain in place. The C7 and C9 C-Clips usually are hung perpendicular (horizontal) to the roof of the building.

C7 or C9 Light C-Clip
Hanging Large Outdoor Christmas Light with C-Clip Christmas C-Clip Used to Hang Lights

C7 or C9 Light Strings

Each C-Clip fits both a C7 or C9 socket base.

One end has a larger opening than the other.

The larger end is for C9 light line while the smaller end is for C7 light line. Be sure  as you place the

C-Clips on the caulk, that each clip is facing the same direction.


Inserting C7 or C9 Light Line

Once the C-Clips are attached to the roof, the light line is inserted. You can screw the C7 or C9 lamps into the C7 or C9 light line before snapping it into place. If you want to change

the color of the lamp, simply remove the lamp and screw in

the new one. When you are ready to remove the light line,

you can snap the light line out of the C-Clips, leaving the

C-Clips in place for next year.


Christmas Hang Light Outdoor Roof
Hanging Christmas Light C9 Bulbs

How to Hang Christmas Large Light Outdoor

Hanging Christmas Large Light Outdoor

Hanging Large Outdoor Christmas Lights on a House

Christmas All-In-One Light Clips


Decorating a house with large outdoor Christmas lights, C7 or C9 lamps, can be done easily with Christmas All-In-One Clips, pictured to the right. However, it is important to insert the Christmas light bulb correctly, as shown in the picture, making sure the green clip on the base of the light socket is hooked into the clear All-In-One clip. Both C7 and C9 bulbs fit into an All-In-One Clip.

Clip for Hanging Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas Lights


Christmas All-In-One Clips can be placed on a gutter, as pictured, and are very easy to hang. Place all bulbs into the Christmas All-In-One Clips before hanging any of the lights.

This will make the job of hanging Christmas lights easier.

How to Hang Christmas Lights with Clips

Reusing Christmas All-In-One Clips


All-In-One Clips can be reused year after year. Remove the clip and light as a unit and carefully wrap lights for the next year.

Christmas Light All in One Clip

Creating an Even, Consistent Light Display


Christmas All-In-One Clips fit snuggly onto gutters and should not slip or move. These clips should be used on every Christmas light bulb to create an even, constant look for your Christmas display. All-In-One Clips can also be hung under gutters and on facia edging.

Hanging Christmas Lights on Gutters

Shingle Tabs


Another option for hanging C7 or C9 Christmas Lights,

are shingle tabs, pictured at the right.  Each shingle tab fits both

C7 and C9 lights. The larger hole is for C9 lights while the

smaller hole is for C7 lights.

How to Hang Christmas Lights Clip

Inserting C7 or C9 Lamps


Inserting C7 or C9 lamps is done by placing the bulb on one

side of the tab and the socket on the other. Then screw the bulb

into the socket. The plastic shingle tab will not overheat. Each

bulb will need to have its own shingle tab so the lights will

hang straight and even.

Large Outdoor Christams Lights Clip

Hanging Christmas Lights


Place all bulbs into the shingle tabs prior to hanging any of them. Christmas shingle tabs are then inserted under shingles, as pictured.

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Shingles

Fixing Loose Shingle Tabs


Christmas shingle tabs should fit snuggly under shingles and should not slip or move. If the shingle tab fits loosely under the shingles, fold the end tabs down and then slide the shingle tab under the shingle. This should hold it firmly in place.

How to Hang Christmas Lights on House

Creating a Consistent Look and Reusing Lights


Shingle tabs should be used on every Christmas light bulb since this will create an even, constant look for your Christmas display. Shingle tabs can also be hung under gutters. Shingle tabs can be reused year after year.  Remove the tab and light as a unit and carefully wrap lights for next year. 

Hanging Large Christmas Lights on a House

 Other Ways to Hang Christmas Lights

All-In-One Clips can hang below

the roof under the edging. If the clip fits loosely under the edging, fold the end tabs down and then slide the clip under edging.

All-in-One Clips can be hung under gutters. Shingle tabs can be hung under gutters.
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