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Christmas Lights that will change the way you decorate forever!
Christmas Decoration Light Outdoor C7 Lamp  

Low-Energy Lamps are newly created high efficiency lamps available for commercial and residential decorating which will cut energy costs and power source needs in half. Low-Energy C7 and C9 Lamps have been created with unprecedented, state of the art technology that uses half the watts of traditional C7 and C9 Lamps and yet is almost as bright as higher wattage lamps. Low-Energy C7 Lamps are only 2.7 Watts while Low-Energy C9 Bulbs are only 3.7 Watts. Unlike LED lights, these new lamps are double dipped and look exactly like traditional lamps. Low-Energy Lamps do not require transformers and they will fit into existing C7 or C9 Light Strings. If you are interested in ordering this product, please visit C7/C9 product webpage.

  Outdoor Large Light Christmas C9 Bulb

Low Energy 3.7 Watt Lamps

C9 Large Outdoor Christmas Light

Low Energy 3.7 Watt Lamps

Benefits of Low-Energy Lamps over higher wattage Lamps

C7 Bulb Large Christmas Light   1. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs use less energy due to their lower wattage.
2. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs cost only ONE dollar more / box of 25 to buy.
3. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs will save you money on your electric bill.
4. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs do not require transformers.
5. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs require fewer power sources or outlets.
6. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs are cooler.
7. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs reduce the possibility of fire hazards.
8. Low-Energy C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs are bright.
9. Low-Energy Strings can be run twice the length of traditional strings.

The lamps pictured on the left, right, and below contain both low-energy and higher wattage bulbs. Each picture contains one or two Low-Energy bulbs. Can you see the difference?

  C9 Lamp Outdoor Christmas Light
C9 Bulbs Christmas Large Light Outdoor









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