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Rope Light Troubleshooting


Rope Light Products Rope Light FAQs Connector Kits & Mounting Cutting Rope Light  Splicing Rope Light Troubleshooting



This page contains possible reasons for problems that may occur when using rope light.  We are constantly updating this page so please check back again.  If you have a problem, question or concern about your rope light, please feel free to call Christmas Lights and More at 480-964-4084 or email us at sales@christmaslightsandmore.com.


The rope light will not turn on after connecting the connector kit.

The rope light may not be getting a good connection to the power source.  Try removing the connector kit and reattaching it.  If that does not help, if it is possible, try attaching the connector kit to the other end of the rope light.  It can also help to take a pair of pliers and squeeze the electrode prongs together slightly before inserting it into the rope light.


A section has gone dark.  What happened?

When one bulb burns out, it will darken that entire section of wire. A burnt bulb in 120 volt, 2 wire rope light will darken an 18 inch segment. In 120 volt, 3 wire it will darken a 36 inch segment. It can be fixed by splicing in a new segment of rope light with invisible splices.


Problems will occur if...

1.  ...the rope light is covered or placed in a area where heat cannot escape.  It will cause the rope light to overheat and melt.


2.  ...the rope light is not uncoiled before being turned on.  This will cause it to overheat.


3.  ...the rope light is placed in a groove, through walls, doors, windows or other parts of a building.


4. ...the rope light is punctured, cracked or broken.


5.  ...the rope light is continuously flexed and bent.


6.  ...the rope light is submerged in water.


7.  ...the rope light is in a damp area without the connector joints being sealed with silicon glue.


8.  ...is secured using adhesive glue, staples, or nails.


















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