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Splicing Rope Light


Rope Light
Rope Light
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Cutting Rope
 Splicing Rope

Can I splice two different colors of rope light together?

Yes. Simply use a splice and you can connect whatever colors you choose, as long as it is the same kind of rope light.  You cannot connect 12 volt to 110/120 volt, nor 3.36 watt to 5.5 watt.  Standard 2 wire rope light cannot be connected to chasing 3 wire rope light.

What do I need to splice rope light together?

For best looking results, you will want to use an invisible splice  and clear shrink tubing. If you choose, you can also use a plastic splice kit.  Be sure your splice connector has the same number of pins as the number of wires in your rope light.  You must use a three pin splice for chasing rope light and a two pin splice for standard two wire rope lighting.

How do I splice rope light together using an invisible splice connector?

First cut the rope cleanly where indicated by the silver line (18 inch and 36 inch segments). See cutting rope light for details.

Second, slide a piece of shrink tube over one end of the rope light.

Third, insert the "invisible splice" connector pins into both ends of the rope light.  Push all pieces together firmly.

Fourth, slide the shrink tubing so that it covers the connection and use a hair dryer to seal it.

Rope Light Splice
How do I splice using a plastic splice connector? 

Cut the rope light carefully as detailed in cutting rope light. Disassemble splicing unit. Remove the connector pin from inside the housing containing threads on both sides. Leave the connector pin inside the housing containing only one set of threads. This will make splicing the rope easier.  Then follow the instructions below.

First, place retaining rings on rope light ends. Push sharp end of the connector pin into the rope light as shown below. Third, the blunt connector pin should be inserted firmly into the holes, connecting both housing units.
Spice Rope Light Picture Splicing Rope Light Picture
Second, place the housing still containing the connector pin onto the other rope light. Make sure the pins insert into the holes firmly on the rope light. Slide the other housing over the exposed connector pin.  No prongs should be visible. Fourth, screw all retaining rings into place.  Start with the center ring first.  Then tighten the outside rings simultaneously.

Do rope light connections or splices need to be sealed?

Rope light is water tight but when used outdoors in an area that is damp or could get wet, seal all connections with silicone or silicone tape. Never submerge in water.


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