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Attaching Connectors and Mounting Rope Light


Rope Light Products Rope Light FAQs Connector Kits & Mounting Cutting Rope Light  Splicing Rope Light Troubleshooting

This page explains how to attach rope light to a regular Connector Kit  and explains how to mount rope lights.

What will I need to connect the rope light to a power source?

The power source connector kit contains all the materials you need to connect a rope light to a standard electrical outlet including a two-prong electrical plug, a connector unit, and an end-cap.


How do I attach the connector kit to the rope light?

1. Cut the rope light as explained under Cutting Rope Light.

2. Place the plastic end-cap on the end of the rope farthest from where the the power source will be. The end cap is necessary to prevent water from getting into the ropelight wiring and creating an electrical short circuit. Place the end-cap on firmly
3. Next, place the retaining ring on the rope light.  Then insert the sharp connector pins into the end of the rope light until they make contact with the wires inside. Use pliers to push the pins inside. Note that 1-2mm of the pins will not fit inside the rope. This is normal. FYI: This connector pin should have 3 pins for chasing rope light and 2 pins for 2 wire rope light.
4. Slide the housing over the connector pin unit and onto the rope light until pins are no longer visible  The split end should cover the rope light. 
5. Slide the power cord onto the blunt connector pins that are inside the housing.  Push together firmly to ensure a good connection.
6. Tighten down both retainer rings, starting with the ring on the rope light first.  Once you have begun tightening this retainer ring, twist both at the same time until snug.
7.  Rope light is water tight, but if it will be placed outdoors or come in contact with moisture, seal the joints with silicon glue.

 How do I mount rope light?

You can use mounting clips or a mounting track. When using clips, simply use small screws to attach the clips in the desired location. Then push the rope light into the clips. Attach a mounting track with good adhesive or screws in the desired location and then insert the rope light. Do not use adhesive directly on the rope light as it may cause damage to the tubing.  Do not place rope lighting in a covered area, or place in a groove.  Rope lights must be able to dissipate heat.


How do I determine how many mounting clips to buy?

These are very inexpensive. We generally recommend one per foot of rope light, or more in sections that have a sharper bend. 

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