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Cutting Rope Light

Rope Light Products Rope Light FAQs Connector Kits & Mounting Cutting Rope Light  Splicing Rope Light Troubleshooting

Where do I cut rope light?

Our rope light, depending on the variety, can be cut in 18 inch and 36 inch increments. There is a silver line on the rope indicating where to cut.  Be very careful to cut cleanly and only where indicated. If you cut elsewhere, it will ruin that stretch of light and cause it to go dark. For standard rope light (2 wire, 110/120 volt, inch) these marks are every 18 inches. For chasing rope light (3 wire, 110/120 volt, inch) these marks are every 36 inches.

What do I cut rope light with?

Be sure to disconnect it from all power sources before cutting. You can cut it with sharp scissors, a PVC pipe cutter or a sharp utility knife. The cut needs to be straight and clean. If you plan on making lots of cuts, we suggest using the PVC pipe cutter, pictured at the left.  This will simplify your task greatly and can be purchased at any hardware or home depot store.  If you use scissors, it is best to use a variety with a pipe cutting slot in order to get a clean cut.


Don't forget to trim the copper wires from the cut ends.

After you have cut the rope light, you will see two (three for chasing rope) wires inside. These wires must be trimmed in order for the connectors to correctly insert and set into the ropelight. The connectors have two pointed prongs that need space inside the rope to make a good connection. Cutting a small amount of the wire makes that possible. To do this, bend the tube sharply to the side about 2 inches from the end. This will cause one of the wires to be exposed. Trim off the protruding wire with scissors or a wire cutter. Bend the rope the other way and repeat the process to cut off the other wire. After cutting the rope light, you are ready to attach a connector kit.

















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