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This section contains information about traditional outdoor Christmas lights: C7 Lamps and C9 Lamps plus answers to frequently asked questions about outdoor C7 and C9 Light Strings. Click on the links above if you wish to go directly to information about our new Low Energy Lamps,  Hanging C7-C9 Christmas Lights, Calculating Maximum Runs and Wattage or our C7-C9 Picture Gallery.

What are C7 and C9 Lights?
C7 and C9 Outdoor Christmas Lights are larger than small mini-style Christmas lights and are often considered traditional outdoor Christmas lights. Traditional C9 and C7 Lights are heavier-duty than mini-lights and are more reliable. Christmas C7 and C9 bulbs screw into a candelabra base socket and can be replaced with standard Christmas bulbs called lamps. These "traditional" light strings are designed in such a way that if a single bulb fails, it only affects that bulb. Individuals often use C7 or C9 Light Strings to decorate large outdoor Christmas trees, outline building perimeters or simply to decorate the outside of their homes. Both C7 and C9 lamps or bulbs come in a variety of colors while the base socket and wire can be purchased in green or white.

C7/C9 Christmas Outdoor Light Bulb

Christmas Light Outdoor C9 Bulb

Christmas large light outdoor C7 Lamp

What are the differences between C7 and C9 Outdoor Christmas Lights?
The main differences between C7 and C9 Christmas lights are the bulb or lamp size, base size, and the wattage. C7 bulbs are smaller than C9 bulbs with C7 bulbs just over 2 inches, while C9 bulbs are just over 3 inches long.  Our C7 lamps come in .6 watt LED,  2.5 watts and 5 watts while our C9 lamps are 1 watt LED3.5 watts and 7 watts.  C-9 Lights are useful for decorating buildings, particularly those that are 2 stories or more, as these bulbs appear to shine brighter and seem more visible from a distance.

What are the differences between different base sizes on light bulbs?
The commonly used light bulb bases in holiday lighting are candelabra base and intermediate base. A C7 bulb has the smallest base called a candelabra base and a C9 bulb has a larger base called an intermediate base. For each type of base, there is a corresponding socket size. For example, a light bulb with a candelabra base will fit only a candelabra socket. Therefore, when purchasing light strings, be sure to purchase bulbs with compatible bases. If you purchase light strings with intermediate sockets, be sure that the light bulbs you purchase also have a intermediate base. 


What lengths are your C7 and C9 Outdoor Christmas Light Strings?
Our C7 and C9 Stringers are made of 18 gauge wire and come in strands of 25 Lamp Strings, 100 Lamp Strings, or 1000 Lamp Reels. Lamps are spaced 12 inches apart on our 25 and 100 Lamp Strings.  On our 1000 Lamp Reel, the sockets are spaced 12, 15 or 18 inches apart. When purchasing lights, choose the spacing according to the look you want to achieve. Generally, the farther away the lights, the farther apart people want the lamp spacing.  This is because the farther away the lights, the closer the spacing appears.


How do I calculate the total number of bulbs that can be run on a single circuit?
The following table gives a good idea as too the number of bulbs that can be run on a single circuit. For more details, specific formulas, and maximum light lengths go to Calculating Watts and Amps.

Total Number of C7/C9 Lamps or Light Strings Run on a Single Circuit

C7 or C9 Lamp

Lamps per 15 Amp Circuit
1800 Total Watts

Lamps per 20 Amp Circuit
2400 Total Watts

Energy Savings Compared to a 10 Watt Bulb

.6 Watts - LED C7

2400 Lamps

3200 Lamps

94% Savings

1 Watt - LED C9

1440 Lamps

1920 Lamps

90% Savings

2.5 Watts - Low Energy C7

 576 Lamps

768 Lamps

75% Savings

3.7 Watts - Low Energy C9

389 Lamps

519 Lamps

63% Savings

5 Watts - Traditional C7

288 Lamps

384 Lamps

50% Savings

7 Watts - Traditional C9

205 Lamps

274 Lamps

30% Savings

10 Watts - Traditional C9.

144 Lamps

192 Lamps

0% Savings

Energy Savings

You can save on your energy bill with LED or Low Energy Lights.  To calculate your savings, you need to compare the LED or Low Energy watts to the incandescent watts.  You can use the following formula to calculate savings:

Lower Watt Bulb / Higher Watt Bulb. Change to % and Subtract from 100%  = Energy Savings

For example, if you use LED C9 Lamps, 1 watt each, instead of C9 Traditional Lamps, 7 watts each, you would divide 1 by 7 to get .14.  Change to 14%.  Subtract 14% from 100% to get 86%.  You will have a 86% total energy savings. See chart above for wattage amounts. Remember that even though LED lights are lower wattage, they are just as bright as traditional light.

How many sets of C7 or C9 Outdoor Christmas Light Strings can I plug in together?
When using C7 or C9 25-Lamp Strings, do not connect more than three strings in a series. You can connect two of our C7 or C9 100-Lamp Strings together IF you use a 3 Outlet Power Adaptor plug in between the two light strings.  You should never connect 100-Lamp Strings together without the 3 Outlet Power Adaptor. The exception to this rule is our Low Energy/High Efficiency Lamps in which case you can run twice as many strings as stated above.


Can I plug a C7 Lamp String into a C9 Lamp String? What if they are the same wattage?
No. You cannot mix the two types of strings, even if they are the same wattage.


Can I connect C7 or C9 bulbs that have different watts?
No. You cannot connect stringers that contain differing watts of C7 or C9 bulbs.


Why are some of my outdoor traditional Christmas lights brighter than others?
Several factors can effect the brightness or look of our lamp. Different watts produce different brightness. Generally the higher the watts, the brighter the bulb. One exception to that rule is our High-Efficiency/Low Energy Bulbs. C7 and C9 Christmas Bulbs have either a double dipped or triple dipped coating of color.  The less a lamp is dipped, the brighter the bulb.  Age can effect the color of a lamp.  Lamps that have weathered a season outdoors usually have lost some of their protective coating and as a result, they appear brighter than freshly dipped lamps.  To achieve a more consistent look, you may want to use lamps that are the same age, same wattage, and have been dipped the same number of times. 

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