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2013 Holiday Decorating Trends - Wreaths
Posted on 8/27/2013 to DIY & Tutorials
Since the professionals are already decorating for Christmas events (such as Glendale Glitters, we've decided it's time to start anticipating and talking about Christmas décor. Get a jump start on Christmas—especially since Christmas Lights and More is offering a limited-time discount off your entire order! If you're not sure what to order, we're here to share some of the latest holiday decorating trends for 2013.

One of the most popular holiday decorations is wreaths. Wreaths are a timeless decorating staple, providing a canvas for creativity and versatility. Give your door hanger an updated look by going simple: the clean, rustic look of minimalism and nature is very trendy and satisfying. Create your own, or buy a unique handmade look from a local craft store near you.

Below is a sample wreath we did for a customer who loves red and gold. Simply take any sized wreath (usually a 24" wreath is good for residential front doors), add your favorite ornaments with floral wire not hot glue (so you can reuse this wreath as trends or your tastes change), make sure to add a few floral spray elements like berries, other foliage, poinsettias or whatever you like most to make it truly unique and you have one beautifully decorated wreath.

Lighted wreaths are always in style. Take advantage of our awesome sale and order a commercial grade lighted wreath that will last years to come or Christmas mini lights to make your own DIY lighted wreath for an added ambient glow. Start with a pre-lit natural pine wreath to keep the organic feel and add your own custom details like shatterproof ornaments floral sprays and/or ribbon.

In contrast to the natural look, if you prefer the pop of color, the good news is that vibrant, flashy décor is also very current. In fact, even neon and non-traditional colors will make their appearance this season, as well as ever-glamorous metallic tones which are very in this year.

Wreaths can be hung indoors or outside. Besides the front door, here are some inventive places to hang your wreath:
  • Over a wall-mounted mirror
  • On the garage door
  • Below or around the garage or porch lights
  • On the back door
  • Inside an old-fashioned square picture frame
  • On an indoor wall
  • On a window, centered in the pane
  • Above a bed headboard
  • Laying flat on a table encircling an unlit candle
  • Over a fireplace or mantle
  • On a stairwell wall
  • From a bookshelf
  • Around or on top of the mailbox
  • On a street lamp pole

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